UPDATES​ - DEVELOPMENT (will be little to update till building starts)
7/2/19 - Conditional use permit for minor resort approved three to two by Pima County Board of Supervisors: Bronson - NO, Christy - YES, Miller - YES, Valadez - YES, Chairman Elías - NO
7/13/19 - Finished adding all planned pages.
7/10/19 - Under "financial failure" heading, two new pages about lack of access to Bike Loop and lodging statistics.
7/8/19 - Under "financial failure" heading, new pages with statistics on failing bicycle industry.
7/7/19 - New "concerned stakeholders" heading with letters from Sierra Club, Audubon Society, National Park Conservation Association and others.
7/6/19 - New "conditions" heading with two new pages:
- Twelve additional conditions added to the conditional use permit as written by the Tucson  Audubon Society and the National Park Conservation Association. 
- Seventeen special conditions as written by Pima County hearing administrator.

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for everything you did not want to know about this Pima County/Tucson bike ranch (minor resort) development.

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