First Quarter 2019 

Road Bike Sales Down 21.9%

Sales of electric bikes, however, were up 24.7 percent in units and 50.1 percent in dollars in the two-month period.

•  BMX bike sales were down 40 percent in units in the period. Lifestyle/leisure bikes were down 4.7 percent.

•  Mountain bikes were down 14.4 percent while

•  road bikes were down 21.9 percent.

•  Transit/fitness bikes: down 33.6 percent.

•  Sales of youth bikes, the final nonelectric category, were down 13.5 percent.

•  In dollar sales, all those categories were in negative territory compared to last year.

Mountain bike sales are growing at the expense of road bikes. In 2017, mountain bike sales were $577.5 million, up 3 percent over the prior year, while the $412.8 million road bike category declined by 12 percent. 

2017 Road Bike Sales Down 12%

BMX bike sales grew by 27 percent in 2017, making a comeback since 2015, when the category was down.

The fastest-growing bicycle type in the market right now is electric. E-bike sales totaled $77.1 million in 2017, up 91 percent over the previous year. Sales of electric bikes have grown more than eightfold since 2014.

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