The Special Conditions recommended below utilize those offered by the Development Services Department (DSD) in its staff report, but have been materially modified and significantly amended by the Hearing Administrator to suitably address a larger universe of pertinent issues:

  1. This approved conditional use permit is for a "bike ranch" minor resort only, as described in the applicant's submittal materials, together with those related functions as articulated therein, to include to the proposed casitas, a bike rental, repair & sales shop, cafe, fitness classes, performance training/instruction, meeting rooms and any ancillary activity not specifically mentioned here but which is in keeping with the project's focus, purpose, and operations. No other more intensive commercial uses are permitted or implied.

  2. The resort's bike rental/repair & sales shop and cafe will be open to the public. The fitness classes and performance training/instruction will be for resort guests only.

  3. The development shall comply with all Suburban Ranch (SR) zone development standards per Sec. 18.17.040), all Buffer Overlay Zone Ordinance performance requirements (including lighting) per Sec. 18.67.050, and all Minor Resort Regulations per Sec. 18.07.030.F).

  4. The 19.26-acre minor resort site shall be divided as a separate, stand-alone parcel. No further lot split or subdividing of the minor resort site is allowed without the written approval of the Board of Supervisors.

  5. The development shall substantially conform with the Preliminary Development Plan accompanying the applicant's submittal package and as presented at public hearing.

  6. A formal Development Plan in accordance with Zoning Code Chapter 18.71 is required, which shall clearly demonstrate satisfaction o f all Code requirements delineated inSpecial Condition No. 3 above, as well as the additional items below as appropriate.

  7. A minimum of fifty percent (50%) o f the site shall be open space, a minimum thirty percent (30%) of which shall be natural open space. The remaining twenty percent (20%) may be comprised or natural or functional open space, the latter of which can include areas which are graded and landscaped, pedestrian ways, outdoor gathering areas, etc. Compliance with these open-space prescriptions shall be demonstrated on the required Development Plan.

  8. All structures and the septic system(s) and leach field(s) shall be located outside regulatory floodplains and any associated Erosion Hazard Setbacks.

  9. Private vehicles shall be confined to the proposed parking lot as shown on thePreliminary Development Plan, together with the on-site, north-south driveway from which the parking lot derives its access. The only vehicular traffic allowed west of the parking lot shall be for fire/emergency vehicles and for project service & maintenance vehicles (including motorized shuttles to ferry guests to and from their lodging).

  10. The project's northern driveway entry onto Old Spanish Trail is for emergency access purposes only and will physically prevent use by private vehicles. The specific method of access control for this purpose (e.g. gate or chain system) will be detailed on the required Development Plan and will be reviewed by staff at that time for proper signage and turn-around provisions.

  11. As part of the aforementioned Development Plan review process, a Tier One Traffic Impact Study (TIS) will be submitted and reviewed by the Department of Transportation to identify any associated impacts to street improvements within the Pima County right- of-way. The TIS shall not only evaluate vehicular impacts, but bicycle and pedestrian impacts as well. Any required mitigation and/or new improvements needed to address the development's impacts shall be constructed by the developer at their expense.

  12. All parking pertaining to the minor resort, its various functions and/or events shall occur on-site. No on-street parking for the resort is allowed within the public rights-of-way of Old Spanish Trail or Escalante Road.

  13. The following height limits shall apply: 1) the two-story bike barn building is limited to thirty feet (30'); 2) the one-story ranch house is limited to twenty-four feet (24'); 3) the two-story casitas structures are limited to twenty-five feet (25'); and 4) all other one-story buildings (including the casitas) are limited to no more than twenty feet (20').

  14. The development shall adhere to the "Bike Ranch Design Guidelines" as offered by the applicant and which, by this reference, are made a material part o f this conditional use permit. Same have been attached to this memorandum and shall be considered a formal component of these Special Conditions. The Development Services Department shall confirm compliance with the design guidelines as part of the building permit review process.

  15. No outdoor amplification of sound or any public-address system is allowed. All outdoor activities shall be exclusively acoustic in nature, including music, outdoor gatherings, instruction, etc.

  16. The resort shall operate a private van/shuttle system for its guests to provide an alternative mode of transportation to and from Tucson International Airport (TIA) and other destinations within the metropolitan area.

  17. In the event that human remains, including human skeletal remains, cremations, and/or ceremonial objects and funerary objects are found during excavation or construction,

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