1.  The owner/operators of the Bike Ranch shall maintain an open, collaborative and cooperative communication program with Saguaro National Park (SNP) administration/staffduring all planning, permitting, construction, and operational stages of the Bike Ranch. This agreement shall be formalized and shall be recorded as a covenant, to run with the parcel(s) in perpetuity.

2.  The design, construction and operation ofthe parking lot, driveway, all structures, walkways, and other common areas, including swimming pool and seating areas, and any disturbed lands shall implement 1) measures to reduce the heat-island effect including the use ofpermeable pavement alternatives, pergolas and lattice structures to support vines, trees, and solar panels, or a combination thereof for shading, 2) measures for the use of water harvesting throughout the site, from buildings, permaculture techniques, low impact design and other green infrastructure, etc., 3) enhanced vegetative and/or other visual screening to mitigate the visual impact on Saguaro National Park, both from the entrance and from heights within the Park, and 4) enhanced vegetative and water harvesting features to support suitable habitat for resident and migratory birds, other pollinators such as butterflies, moths and bats, herps, small mammals and other wildlife and provide permeability for wildlife. 

3.  The owners/developers/operators of the Bike Ranch shall consult with the Tucson Audubon Society (TAS) during the design, planning, construction and operational phases, at minimum prior to groundbreaking, during surface disturbance and construction activities, and post-construction, and at 6 months intervals thereafter to monitor vegetation development and implementation of permaculture principles, and for input on matters raised by that organization in the letter it wrote to the Pima County Board of Supervisors May 17, 2019, such as the following point.

4.  The owners/operators indicated the intention to seek LEED Platinum certification for all construction. We encourage and applaud this standard, and would request the inclusion of the LEED Pilot Credit #55 - Reducing Bird Collisions. Building 'bird friendly' is compatible with the LEED system, especially when included in construction planning from the beginning.

5.  The owners/operators shall reestablish and restore all existent drainages (minor washes) on the property post construction utilizing permaculture techniques to slow flow and establish suitable vegetation, wildlife habitat and wildlife permeability values.

6.  Roof colors shall comply with or exceed the Buffer Overlay Zone (BOZO) restrictions found in Zoning Code Section 18.67.050.C. Additionally, any roof coating material used shall be colored tan or grey or light green or a combination thereof, whichever is deemed best for visual screening from the Park, in consultation with the SNP administration/staff and TAS.

7.  All graded or otherwise disturbed but not built on land shall be revegetated with plants on the BOZO Plant List, at minimum, and may be augmented, based on elevation, soils, and microhabitat characteristics, to provide groundcover, mid-story and canopy suitable for the site to enhance habitat and permeability for birds and other pollinators, herps, small mammals and other wildlife, subject to the prior approval of the planning director or authorized county representative.

8.  All exterior lighting fixtures shall be shielded at the top and sides so as to provide for the minimum requirements for public safety while at the same time not be more visible than necessary from beyond the property to minimize light pollution to the maximum extent practicable, even if this exceeds current BOZO requirements. That could include incorporating red lights, such as those used on Kitt Peak at night, to minimize impacts. 

9.  No erosion hazard setback variances shall be sought or granted.

10.  Exterior paint of any structures shall be chosen so as to minimize visibility from all aspects of SNP, even if this exceeds the requirements of the BOZO.

11.  A conservation easement shall be placed on all natural, undisturbed open space pre ground disturbance and shall be expanded to include all restored functional open space post construction, that shall allow vegetation planting, irrigation (if appropriate) and maintenance but shall preclude any other future disturbance or development, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes Section 33-271, et seq.

12.  As the Bike Ranch is a multistory structure, all interior lighting shall be shielded/screened between sunset and sunrise, to the maximum extent practicable, from SNP at night, to maintain Dark Sky goals, even if this exceeds the BOZO requirements.

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